• Journey from the mind to the heart

At Pimperne(Great Britain) in 1730, an unusual labyrinth was ploughed up, which is the design used for this work. The journey from the mind to the heart can be winding and complex, filled with curves, detours and entanglements such as limiting beliefs, societal norms and obligations that we hold onto in our minds, that stand in our way to live from the heart (intuition), the center of the labyrinth.

Once in our center, we can live in harmony and coherence with mind, body and soul.

Pearls of Wisdom
About This Project

The “Pearls of Wisdom” series is a limited edition of 8 prints per image.


This silkscreen series is inspired by an introspective trip to Bali, where I was moved by the way people live connected to their divinity in their daily rituals and offerings. This observation left a lasting impression on me and led to the creation of this series.


These works were created with the intention to incite reflection, connect us to our inner divinity, uplift, encourage and be gentle with ourselves.


The meaning and vibration of words, the colours’ intensity, and the playfulness of light and shadow, through the wavering of the paper, all work together to evoke these contemplative moments.

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