Silent Witnesses - DAFNA RAHMINOV
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Silent Witnesses


This project is inspired by a compilation of poems written outdoors for the conception of ‘ Silent Witnesses’. The project creates contemplation musings by applying words and phrases to trees. The application of the words in chalk paint is symbolic and tree-friendly. It denotes the works’ temporary nature as well as its environmental consideration. The musings are aids for contemplation, ever-shifting with time, as our perceptions evolve.

Trees are often revered as keepers of the past and guardians of the future, carrying knowledge and wisdom, as witnesses of humanity’s evolution. They hold a mirror as to where we stand as humans, living in the 21 st century. Like silent witnesses, embodying the role of sages, subtly suggesting, from one sentient being to another, to reconnect with ourselves on a deeper level.

Silent Witnesses
About This Project

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