One cannot win nor lose (G)


84 x 64 x 5,5 cm
Mixed Media

One cannot win nor lose
art, collage, mixed media
About This Project

Global uprising:
This series is based on a picture I took on a day trip to Amsterdam with my childhood and BF friend Kat, this poster caught my eye and once in the studio, it began to have a life of its own as it was shaped into a collage. It grew on me and I viewed this concept as my own inner global uprising, rising up to become who I truly am. A human being with emotions, thoughts, sets of beliefs and judgments, dancing within the dance of life itself.


The Yellow, Orange and green ones call for attention to our human condition “all human beings are born free” ( article n°1 from the declaration of human
rights), being the core from which the uprising begins….

The Black and white collage is a tribute to my late father who passed away in 2016 after a long and ugly battle with cancer.


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