Can you know the unknowable I

Size & Media

Can you know the unknowable I
120x84x7,4 cm
Mixed media on flour bag

Evoking the nomad
About This Project

The series of flour of bags embodies everything we carry with us through life.


Bags of flour being one of our basic supplies of food is being interpreted as our inner nourishment…The thoughts and beliefs we carry with us influence every decision and or action we undertake.


Every bag depicts a different perspective to the many areas of our lives.


Wanting to understand? Probably yes: this duo expresses the urge for seeking answers to existential questions about our life here on Earth, wanting to explore, discover, experiment and understand the meaning of our lives, and who we are! Even though our answers will never be known, we still want to explore and find out. We are intrigued by the beauty, magic and mysteriousness of life. We carry with us our history, hence our present, and our future…


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