REFLECTIONS - DAFNA RAHMINOV Our audacity lies in the questions we dare to ask.There is neither right nor wrong,there is only experience and the realization of what is.
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What makes us, us?

We all think, feel, contemplate, reflect and question.
We all live with memories of past experiences, worries,
and hopes for the future.
We all experience moments of elation and joy, moments of sadness
fear and doubt.
We all encounter insecurities and uncertainties.
We all have ideas, dreams, and visions.
We all feel the need for more, the urge for power, and at the same time,
the inner knowledge reaching out to us.
This is what makes us, us.
This is our journey through life.

Our audacity lies in the questions we dare to ask.
There is neither right nor wrong,
there is only experience and the realization of what is.

As I remember,


I recall the natural rhythmic flow of life.
We go up, down and up again.
Moving from one state of being to the other.
Sometimes I remember, and sometimes I forget.


Duration: a lifetime
Nature: to explore
Perception: starting
Condition of body: decaying
Soul: survival
Fortune: momentary
Lasting fame: uncertain

Humans of habit

Do I have what it takes to break away from it?
Do I dare to let go?
Can I find a true alignment in which
I can recognize myself as a human being.

From the unknown to the unknown.

Man has always had the urge to conquer;
to accumulate in order to advance;
to acquire more knowledge in order to control;
to rule the world.
At the end of the cycle,
man shall have the meager consolation of
realizing, he rules nothing at all.
Not the wealth he has accumulated,
nor the knowledge he amassed or
the power he allegedly gained.
We come from the unknown,
we travel through life,
get acquainted with the known
only to realize we go back to the unknown…
An attempt to grasp the magnitude of it all?
Probably yes.


no more questions,
answers or conclusions,
just observation,
contemplation and silence;
a sense of awe to the grandness,
simplicity and complexity of life.









We are being influenced
by streams that resonate
within our sets of beliefs.

Fear is instilled
in every move we make,
our conditioning has become
the unique parameter that counts.





Perfection is an illusion.

Perfection is a perception;
An image we have created in our minds,
Of how we think we ought to be.
We cannot possibly live up to the image we have created;
And yet we try against all odds.
What makes us engage in such an obsessive pursuit?
Why this unreasonable craving for ‘more’?
It makes one wonder.

We long for harmony and are frightened of change.
We aspire for inner peace and are terrified of giving up
on our image of perfection.
We yearn for balance and run away from our shadowy sides.

Harmony might be the only perfection we could ever reach.
Nevertheless, It makes one wonder.


We dance within the confines of the earth,
guided by our curiosity to discover and explore….