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By calling to attention the challenges society and humankind face, awareness art attempts to connect to its audience. This connection leads to self-awareness through art, as it makes the perceiver reflect on their own emotions, thoughts and actions. Dafna Rahminov is based in Antwerp and creates self-reflection art that can be applied to the whole of humankind by touching into vulnerability. It is art that encourages whoever sees it, to think, to feel, to connect to themselves and others. It is art that encourages humankind to be the best version of itself.

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Awareness art: change yourself, change the world

Self-awareness and self-reflection art attempt to connect people by reminding us we are all the same. We all have hopes, dreams, insecurities and fears. Through our shared experiences and vulnerabilities, humankind can (re)connect. Dafna Rahminov creates introspection art that achieves exactly this. Her neo-conceptual art triggers thought and reflection about the self. By looking at her art, the awareness about the self and others gets sparked. By creating self-awareness art, Dafna Rahminov encourages self-reflection. Thanks to this self-reflection, one realises the similarities that can be found in all of humankind. Due to the internalised fundament of her work, the shop is filled with limited edition art for sale. By giving a home to one of her pieces of awareness art, you show your openness toward self-reflection and other people’s vulnerability. Self-awareness art can be applied to various elements of the self, from fears to hopes, from ephemeral emotions to the physical world around us.

Stand Still - Dafna Rahminov

Encourage the self

Dafna Rahminov creates art that helps people get in touch with themselves. Thanks to awareness art we are able to connect with ourselves and others alike. Are you curious to find out which pieces of self-awareness art are currently available or have been made in the past? Discover more about awareness art through Dafna’s works. Are you ready to start your journey of self-reflection through art? Please take a look at the art in our shop.