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Introspection art is the art of ourselves. We take our thoughts, feelings and anxieties and create art that reveals our unconsciousness. As an artist, Dafna Rahminov combines the inner and outer worlds to build a bridge between both. Based in Antwerp, she continues to explore the workings of the human mind and learn about new art techniques.

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Understanding one’s self through introspection art

As a conceptual artist, Dafna Rahminov puts the process of the art before adhering to traditional aesthetics. As such, the introspection art she creates, is often limited edition. This means that the art by Rahminov is very unique to have. By looking at introspection art and learning about the process, the onlooking person starts to reflect about themselves. In this way, art is truly enriching. It makes it possible to learn about inner thoughts and how the exterior world has got a tremendous impact on a person.


Travel into yourself

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