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Are you looking for a conceptual artist located in Belgium? Dafna Rahminov has been active in the neo-conceptual art circuit for years and is based in Antwerp. Thanks to her many influences, she creates art that translates the route of outward impulses to inward thoughts. The conceptual and neo-conceptual art she makes, are made to make you think. Are you curious which pieces of conceptual art are for sale?

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A conceptual artist who encourages reflection

When you are searching for exclusive art that stimulates you to connect with your own inner world, neo-conceptual art is ideal for you. As such, looking at the neo-conceptual art Dafna creates, helps you come to terms with your inner musings and your past and encourages you to think about the future. This is introspection art at its finest. There are various pieces of conceptual art for sale and our offer varies often. For example, you can buy silkscreen art that is inspired by a trip to Bali that encourages a connection to internal divinity. It is the perfect expansion for your art collection. As a conceptual artist, Dafna travels the physical and spiritual world to create works that capture the ephemerality of emotions triggered by the outside world. Neo-conceptual art encourages one to think about the world, the social order that exists, to form critiques and influence the world in a lasting way. With the limited edition art we put for sale it is our goal to help everyone achieve this form of inner reflection by putting conceptual art for sale for an honest price.

FUSION - Dafna Rahminov

Think through art

Are you intrigued by neo-conceptual art? Do you wish to buy a work from a renowned conceptual artist based in Belgium? We are here to guide you through the conceptual art that is for sale momentarily. Take a look at the different works of conceptual art for sale in our shop. If you have any questions, we are glad to provide an answer from the conceptual artist herself. We are available through our contact form.