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Dafna Rahminov is a Belgian artist based in Antwerp who explores the intertwined connection between her inside and outside worlds. As such, she creates art that talks to people, art that makes people reflect upon themselves. Taught in Israel and Belgium and exhibited all over Miami and New York, this Belgian artist has an impact all over the world.

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Dafna Rahminov does not contain herself to paper. Her art project ‘Silent Witnesses’, for example, consisted of words applied to trees in chalk paint. Through this way, people who visited the park were encouraged to reflect and contemplate for a while. As a conceptual artist, it is, after all, her main goal to make people think through the medium of art. This is why her artwork is often very exclusive and limited. Self-reflection art builds a bridge between the conscious and the unconscious and uncovers connections we never knew were there.

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