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Are you interested in exclusive art that is both aesthetically and mentally pleasing? The art by Dafna Rahminov is exactly that. As an artist based in Antwerp, she creates artwork that encourages you to think about your inner contemplations. Through these impulses it is possible to connect to your inner world and create a bridge to the outer world.

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Exclusive art that stimulates reflection

As a Belgian artist, Dafna Rahminov creates exclusive works of art that are based on reflection, both from the artist and the perceiver. She makes art through self-reflection so as to encourage people looking at the art to reflect in their turn on themselves. By turning into herself, she opens the possibility for many to connect to their own inner divinity. The exclusive art that results from this endeavour shows a connection between the ungraspable inner world and the palpable outer world. Take a moment to ponder over “A Matter of Perception” and get a concrete understanding of the exclusive art made by this artist.

SCOPE ART - Dafna Rahminov

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Are you captivated by the exclusive art this creator offers? Take a look at her works to get inspired. We are happy to be able to offer limited edition art for sale directly to you. Are you interested in learning more about these thought-provoking works? Contact us through the contact form in case of any further questions.