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Handcrafted conceptual art is booming. Dafna Rahminov is an artist who creates handcrafted contemporary art from her atelier in Antwerp, Belgium. Her goal as an artist is to encourage people to reflect upon themselves. As such, her art attempts to create a bridge between the visual world and the ephemeral world of emotion and thought.

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Handcrafted conceptual art that triggers your thoughts

As a Belgian artist who is renowned in Miami and New York, Dafna Rahminov creates a world through art. The bridges between the unconscious and the consciousness are made through applying the techniques of mindfulness art. By perceiving the handcrafted contemporary art she makes, you uncover parts of yourself you maybe did not know were there. Art is a very powerful vehicle to discover and express your innermost thoughts. By working together with the artist who puts her own art for sale, you can get a work of handcrafted conceptual art in your home that helps you reflect upon yourself, your past and future. This is why we encourage you to take a look at our shop, where you can buy the works made by Dafna. The beautiful handcrafted contemporary art she creates is the ideal addition to any room, private or work-related.

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Are you curious about the various pieces of handcrafted conceptual art Dafna has made throughout the years? Take a look at her works and discover the reasoning behind them. Do you still have any lingering questions for our artist about her handcrafted contemporary art? We encourage you to send all your questions through our contact form to receive more information.