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Mindfulness art is an art-form that truly channels the unconsciousness unto a visible and tangible canvas. Dafna Rahminov, based in Antwerp, attempts to trigger reflection of the self through art. As an artist who focusses on the process of thought, emotion and the human mind, she creates pieces of mindfulness art that display this inside world.

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Discover mindfulness art

Dafna Rahminov is a Belgian artist who works with various art techniques to create artwork that makes the onlooker think about themselves. As such, you can buy silkscreen art that leaves a lasting impression. Each time you lay eyes upon the canvas, it triggers thought and reflection. This is why mindfulness art is a wonderful addition to your home or office. In short, when you are looking for limited edition art for sale, it is a good idea to take a look at Dafna’s current works.

Get in touch with your unconsciousness

Mindfulness art is a process, and by looking at the handcrafted conceptual art that Dafna Rahminov creates, you get in touch with yourself. Are you interested in our works? We encourage you to take a look at our shop. Do you have any questions? We welcome all questions through our contact form. By subscribing to our newsletter, you learn about our news through your mailbox.