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When you are looking for limited edition print art in Belgium, Dafna Rahminov creates works that encourage inner reflections. Under limited edition, we understand print art that exists in a maximum of eight editions. By buying Dafna Rahminov’s art, you truly get a unique piece. On top of this exclusivity, her art also makes you think.

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Limited edition print art

Through art, Dafna Rahminov creates bridges between the inner and outer worlds. Her art is an embodiment of introspection art and encourages you to feel. In this way, the art connects the inner world of the unconsciousness to the tangible world around us. The limited edition print art you find for sale is an enrichment to both the interior and exterior world you inhabit. As such, her art is both visually and mentally pleasing. Are you looking for exclusive art? Then this is your perfect place to buy limited edition print art. Because the process of making art is the most important part in her art, the works are made in very low volumes. As such, the limited edition print art is intended to be matched with people who want to contemplate. Being surrounded by awareness art is a way to meditate and get in touch with yourself.

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The limited edition print art that Dafna Rahminov creates is the ideal addition to your art collection. Take a look in our shop to get your hands on one of the works. Are you curious to learn more about the creator? Read more about Dafna’s biography here. We welcome you to join the circle of art-lovers.