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Do you want to buy original silkscreen art straight from the artist? Dafna Rahminov can answer to those requirements. She followed a course on silkscreen art and silkscreen printing in Belgium and now applies these techniques on her work as an artist. Her work has been created to incite thought and contemplation about the self. As such, she attempts to leave a lasting impression. Through the silkscreen art put for sale, you can acquire an artwork that is aesthetically and mentally pleasing.

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The silkscreen art Dafna Rahminov puts up for sale is influenced by emotion and the feeling of being human. She attempts to make the bridge between the inner and the outer worlds visible. For an artist, the silkscreen is a canvas that is very receptive and fragile, not unlike human beings. The handcrafted conceptual art is personal yet translates a universal need for knowing oneself, a need for connection with the unconsciousness. When you decide to buy a piece of this silkscreen art, you are taking a step towards selfcare and mindfulness through art. Dafna Rahminov is an artist who creates silkscreen art that encourages the onlooker to reflect and be kind to themselves. As such, her artwork finds its place in any room of your house. It is also a wonderful addition to workplaces such as schools, offices, wellnesses and other therapeutic surroundings. The silkscreen art that is for sale are pieces of exclusive art made with craftmanship and intention. We encourage you to buy the piece of silkscreen art that speaks to you.


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Do you want to learn more about the artist behind the silkscreen art before you decide to buy? Learn more about Dafna Rahminov through her biography. Are you intrigued and wondering which pieces of silkscreen art are currently for sale? Take a look at our shop. You will most certainly be triggered by the different artworks available. It is also possible to ask any remaining questions about the silkscreen art or the artist through our contact form before you buy. We are available to tell you all about the limited edition art for sale.